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ArtRage Starter Edition 4.0

Creates a simulation of painting on canvas
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Create pictures with a set of drawing tools in the environment realistically recreating the physical process of painting with a brush on a canvas. The simulation comes with a selection of settings for adjusting brush effects turning it into chalk, crayon, oil paint, pencil or palette knife, and sensitivity along with the type of background.

For all the users who want to unleash their talent in the field of drawing and painting, ArtRage Starter Edition is an ideal application to bring out the flare of painting with oils, sketching with pencil or whatever may the talent be. The application has been designed to suit all categories of users, right from the amateurs who wish to play around with the paint brushes down to the advanced users who appreciate layer blend modes, tracing and referencing images for loading photos to recreate them later on as paintings.

The application comes with stencils, rulers and many cool things, but doesn’t really require the user to have a thorough know-how of its operation, as it is fairly ease to use and learn. It features pencils and chalks smudge, thick paint smears and blends, and even markers, which work just like they do in the real world scenario and moreover many of the tools can be adjusted to give different effects.

The user may paint with thinned oils, use wet or dry markers. What’s more, it is even possible to soften the pencil and control the hardness of the crayon, and do everything that one can fancy. It also has a Metallic Paint option, and by turning it on, the user can work with spreadable and easy-to-blend gold and silver oil paints, as well as sparkling glitter, silver leaf sprays etc., so as to avail the benefits of wide range of different effects.

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